Anita & Kirk Stergiou

“Our son Logan was born on the 25th April 2003, he was due on the 7th August 2003, making him 15 weeks premature.

Logan is our pride and joy and he has shown he has a lot of character and courage to come through this ordeal, Logan is due to be discharged on 28th July 2003 (Tomorrow); after a 13 week roller coaster ride he has finally made it.

Having such tender skin he was most susceptible to nappy rash, the nursing staff used a cream that just didn’t work, it contained petro chemicals – we wanted to try the BARRIER BALM and finally convinced the nursing staff to use the AROMABABY on him instead of the chemical one. THE NAPPY RASH WENT ALMOST OVERNIGHT”.

Liz McMahon

“The godmother/auntie of my son Daniel gave me at his baby shower a gift sample set of your product. After waiting 4 weeks I was finally able to use it, oo he smelt good! A few weeks later he developed cradle cap so I was cautious as to what to use on his head. After trying different things in different combinations I found that putting your massage oil on his head at night then washing his sparse hair with the Pure Hair Cleanse worked wonders! His cradle cap cleared up in a week! and hair replacement companies are jealous of the amount of hair he has now. Thank you so much for such a great product, I tell all my baby mums about it and my local chemist even recommend it to mothers with babies with cradle cap.”

M Swiderski

“I am a mother of 2 children and since my 2 year old developed eczema, I’ve tried a number of cortisone and other medicinal creams prescribed by our GP. One day in a chemist I found the AROMABABY range of skin care products for babies. I was pleasantly surprised to find that your products are sulfate free and wondered if that might be another step towards trying to clear up my baby’s eczema. So I bought a miniature gift pack and tried it. I was pleased to notice that within a week of using AROMABABY, my daughter was no longer scratching herself and slowly the eczema cleared up. I was pleased to note that the products were reasonably priced.”

Support the Children Foundation, Thailand

“AROMABABY products are very useful to our children who have quite dry skin”


“I have been using the Pure Baby Moisture Cream to help deal with my 9 month old son’s eczema”

Fiona Lafferty (Midwife) Auckland

“We have had tremendous feedback from the mothers who have used the AROMABABY Bath Gel”

Heidi Grady

“I’ve always used the BARRIER BALM at nappy changes but for the past few days I’ve been putting it on the eczema on Jemma’s face and neck and already it has cleared it up a lot. I’ve also been putting it on her face before she eats as I find any food that got on her face makes the rash worse.”

Sharnie Wright

“I came across AROMABABY’s BARRIER BALM and after 4 ½ months of my baby having cradle cap, within 4 days it was gone!”


“I bought your barrier cream for my hands to protect my cuticles and nails. But since then I’ve also used it as a lip balm, which it works great for and amazingly it’s excellent on pimples. Clears them up straight away.

I also tried it on ingrown hairs on my partners face that he got from shaving and the same thing. The redness went down overnight and it healed very quickly.

I also got a bad windburn on my face when I went bushwalking and this cream is great for relieving the pain and dryness immediately.

This is fast becoming my favourite all purpose cream.Thanks for creating a great product. I’ll be looking for your other products as well. I wish everything in my cosmetics cupboard worked as well as this does. Cheers”

M Lio, Jessie MacPherson Private Hospital

“I highly recommend AROMABABY to any institution which cares for newborns”

A Woods, Women's Health Unit, The Bays Hospital

“We have found AROMABABY to be of a very high standard and feedback from our new mothers is extremely positive”

L Snowden, Midwifery Unit Manager, Peninsula Private Hospital

“We have been using AROMABABY since their inception and are happy to recommend these products to our clients”