Q: My baby has sensitive skin and I am not sure this product will suit her.

A: All AROMABABY products have no added petrochemicals, colours (artificial or otherwise), artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, including goats milk, dairy or lanolin, propylene glycol, parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, cocoamphodiacetate and other ingredients thought to trigger sensitivities. We always suggest to patch test any product prior to use, particularly if there is a family history of allergies, eczema or sensitive skin.

Q: I am worried that the product might worsen my child’s eczema so I am hesitant to buy any of your products.

A: We totally hear you. Rest assured AROMABABY has been used on skin with eczema since launching over 25 years ago. Again, we always suggest patch testing any new products on the skin. We also have sample sachets available from time to time for babies with eczema to try.

Q: With so much confusion over ‘organic’ how can I be sure I am purchasing a product that markets itself honestly?

A: This is one of our frustrations too. AROMABABY products contain from a small amount of organic right up to 99% Australian Certified Organic ingredients. You’ll find our organic ingredients listed clearly on the labels.

Q: Can I be guaranteed that an organic product will not irritate my baby’s skin?

A: Unfortunately there is no guarantee that an organic product will suit your baby. Whilst we are huge advocates of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients, we acknowledge that some organic essential oils may still be irritants and trigger skin sensitivities. We therefore always suggest unscented natural and organic products as a first choice for young babies. Try our Pure Baby Moisture Cream and Pure Baby Wash duo which are free from essential oils.

Q: I have heard that some Australian baby skincare brands are no longer fully owned by their creators so I’m worried about a loss of integrity of the products, is AROMABABY still family owned?

A: We are proud to say we are still 100% family owned and operated – a self funded business that was actually the first company to provide natural and organic baby and mother skincare products. Our founder Catherine is still our Chief Mama and educator.

Q: How do AROMABABY prices compare with other natural brands for mum and baby?

A: As a qualified Aromatherapist and natural skincare specialist, our founder carefully developed AROMABABY using premium ingredients in percentages that she has found to be effective. Our products are actually great value for money with parents reporting, for example, a 250ml bottle of Pure Hair Cleanse, can last up to 10 months!