Why Choose Organic?

The outer layer of a baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and more permeable than an adult’s skin, which means that whatever that is applied onto your babies skin will be mostly absorbed into their body and that includes harmful chemicals which are surprisingly used in most of the skincare products in the market as they are not strictly regulated by government bodies. These chemicals will continue to accumulate with time and may eventuate to cancers, skin allergies and a myriad of health conditions.

Our certified organic oils come from crops grown without harmful chemicals. The absence of chemical fertilisers, toxic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides in growing organic crops results in healthy, strong, bug-resistant plants courtesy of higher levels of phytochemicals.

Organic certification requires also that crops are grown without any GM (genetically modified) substances.

When we source certified organic ingredients we require these to be accompanied by documentation showing the origin of the oil, certification and date of production. This helps us to ensure both authenticity and traceability.

In particular, we champion Australian Certified Organic oils including calendula, rosehip, evening primrose, avocado, jojoba and sunflower in our baby skincare as they have therapeutic and healing properties. We have carefully selected specific, natural and organic ingredients for their low allergenic, highly beneficial properties which are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and have proven themselves now over more than two decades.

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